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Some of the most common faults that will make your washer stop mid cycle include thermostat failure, problems filling up with water for the rinse cycle, or even pump problems that prevent your washer from draining. One thing that you can check yourself is the lid switch.

A washer leaking from the bottom can cause significant damage to your home if it is not fixed quickly. In most cases, the leak will be caused by a loose or punctured drain hose, a fault with the drain pump, or a worn-out tub-to-pump hose.

causes of a washing machine not working:These include an incoming power problem, a damaged power cord, a malfunctioning door lid switch or lock, a defective user control board or timer, a broken drive belt, or a faulty or obstructed drain pump.Contact us we fix all the major and minor problems.

Contact us we fix all the problems of washing machine.

If your washer won't drain or spin, the water level control may be faulty.If the valve itself is corroded, it may need to be replaced.

Because the pressure is increased, the motor has to work harder. Consequently, the motor will burn out faster, which means that you will need to replace it.

The machine will automatically shut down when it senses the load is out of balance to prevent mechanical damage.

Typically, this means checking the drain hose, drain pump, and any filters or coin traps that could be blocked.Contact appliance repair in dubai we repair all the problems related to washing machine.

If your washing machine makes a loud repetitive banging sound.  It is most likely due to the washing machine not washing and spinning. contact us we solve it.

The washer's spin speed leaves clothes too wet after the spin cycle completes. Contact us to solve this problem.

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