Smart Fixing Home Appliance repair service center

Home Appliances Repair Services in Dubai

We can provide you Emergency Service 24/7/365. For all, you’re Home Appliance Repairing and Maintenance needs.

Smart Fixing Home Appliance repair service center

Home Appliances Repair Services in Dubai

We can provide you Emergency Service 24/7/365. For all, you’re Home Appliance Repairing and Maintenance needs.

smart fixing service center in Dubai

Home Appliance Service Center In Dubai.

Home Appliance services all kinds of major branded home appliances Repair, and we are located in Dubai UAE. Appliances Repair Services is the best provider company services in the appliance repairing and maintenance field in Dubai. We are here for you with highly professional and expert technicians. Maturity, curiosity, reliability, and self-motivation are what set us apart! Don`t worry about selecting a Home Appliances Repair Dubai service to take care of your home needs. Our fully trained technicians are licensed to service and repair a wide range of electric and gas-powered household appliances including Washing Machines Repairing, Dishwashers Repairing, Freezers/Fridges Repairing and Cooking Range Repairing in Dubai. 

Quality Service 24/7

Appliances Repair is used quality materials Which less harming to the nature

Brands We Repair

LG, Siemens, Samsung, bosch, whirlpool, miele, Hitachi, Indesit, Ariston

How does Home Appliance repair manage service professionally?

Home Appliance was started by Professionals who have worked extensively in the Service, Installation & Support Industry of Home appliances in Dubai. They are familiar with the issues in the Sector and have thorough knowledge about all products of international Brands in the field of home appliances.

smart fixing in Dubai
Same Day Appliance Repair Service In Dubai. We Are Specialised In All Brands, Make, And Models. Call Us And Book A Quality Service Now!
smart fixing center in Dubai

Appliances are built to perform. They work hard, year after year, usually without too many problems. They're easy to take for granted. Call Us Now

Home Appliance repairing service center

One Call Can Solve All Your Home Appliances Problems

We are the appliance repair experts and our engineers have already successfully repaired kitchen appliances for more than 100,000 households in Dubai


Same Day Affordable Home Appliances Repair Service in Dubai with 100% Success Rate

Have issues with your home appliances and don’t know how to repair them? Well, no look further. Our experienced appliance repair specialists are here to provide you with quick and reliable services for home appliance repair in Dubai within 24 hours. We will make sure to accomplish every home or commercial appliance repair. So Don’t worry it’s a holiday our service is available 24/7 in Dubai, we are here to deliver top-quality home and commercial appliance repair services in Dubai, 7 days a week. Moreover, you never need to wait for days to complete the job. We will fix and repair your faulty appliances on the same day! Our Appliances Repair Technicians will detect the root cause and make sure to fix any issue in your home or commercial appliances. No need to worry about the charges and cost as we are much concerned to serve customers with affordable appliances repair solutions in Dubai.

Washing Machine Repair

We Repair All Washing Machine Brands. Washing Machine Not Turning On or Washing Machine Not Spinning Properly. We Do All Washing Machine Repair.

Refrigerator Repair

We Repair any Refrigerator Issue including Refrigerator Light not Working. Noisy Compressor. Torn Gasket or Sealed Door. Refrigerator not Freezing.

Dishwasher Repair Dubai

Repairing dishwashers is a specialty of our knowledgeable technicians. Your dishes will be thoroughly cleaned once more in a flash thanks to our quick and dependable service.

Cooking Range Repair Dubai

Normally If you need a quick and guaranteed cheap electric oven, cooker and cooking range repair in Dubai then contact us home Appliance Repair Service in Dubai.

Home Appliances Repair Service in Dubai

Home Appliances Repair Services in Dubai


Making home appliances experties simple, reliable, and affordable, get 30% discount on your first appointment for service with APPLIANCES REPAIR SERVICE.  Quality   Repair Service in Dubai Call Us Today Schedule you Time. Same Day Services.

Professional Appliance Repair

Our company is trained to repair all the best leading manufacturers, with performance levels always meeting or exceeding the highest standards.Call Appliances Repair Service immediately to fix problems and maintain your home appliance.

Frequently Asked Question

Some of the reasons that an electric stovetop stops working are faulty wire connections, burnt wires, or a blown fuse.Call us

An oven that won't heat is usually the result of a faulty igniter (for a gas oven) or heating element (for an electric oven). You may be able to replace the heating element or igniter

If you find yourself with an oven that will not turn on, the first thing you should determine is if the oven is at fault or if perhaps a circuit breaker has been tripped.Contact us we fix all the problems related to cooking range

The most common cause of issues with water flow in a dishwasher is a defective water inlet valve. If the inlet valve is malfunctioning, it may not pull water into the appliance when you need it.

If your dishwasher is making a humming sound but is not filling with water, this could be due to the pump motor not running for a week or longer.Contact us we fix all the problems.

A buzzing noise is usually nothing to worry about. You can hear your dishwasher buzz when it forces water down the drain. If the sound is very loud, check your pump impeller for blockage or damage.

If it has tripped, flip the switch to the “off” position and then turn it back on. If the circuit has not tripped, check to ensure that the appliance is properly plugged into its wall outlet. This may require you to pull the appliance out from beneath the counter.

If your fridge is troubleshooting the problem and your refrigerator is still too warm, it might be because of old condenser coils,cracked gasket seals, Inspecting the evaporator fan motor for clogs or damage. Call our refrigerator repair professional. We can replace those for you!

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